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February 21, 2024

CAPTAIN AMERICA VS. CRUEL REELL: Barely arrived in Germany, the war hero already faces the biggest test of his life so far: the encounter with Cruel Reell and her 20cm stiletto heels… Captain America – “an unbeatable human weapon”? After this devastating date, even the »Rebirth«- program won’t help him anymore!

HULK VS. CRUEL REELL: Nah, let’s piss off the Hulk a little…? Supposedly he is supposed to grow bigger and stronger the more angry he gets, but 20cm stiletto heels seem to be one of his secret weaknesses, because there is not much left of his resilience in this case.

SUPERMAN VS. CRUEL REELL: His superhuman powers are explained by the fact that his body is charged with energy under our yellow sun. Well, how clumsy of Superman to get lost in a basement under the ground and get under my 20cm stiletto heels, where not even the breath of a sunbeam can reach…

THOR VS. CRUEL REELL: ‘Divine invulnerability’… bullshit! Today the nordic god of thunder will realize what a proper impact really is when my 20cm crash into him. His cute little hammer is shit compared to them…

IRON MAN VS. CRUEL REELL: His rompers are said to have qualities that make him able to cope with almost any situation. Well, 20cm stiletto heels are probably one of the few exceptions that make the situation quite uncomfortable and bring the metal splinter in his chest closer and closer to his heart…

BATMAN VS. CRUEL REELL: Muscular physique, strong chin and prominent cheekbones – all this is corrected today with 20cm stiletto heels.

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